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Nov 28, 2010

WORK [Chepter 2]

Hye.. =) Today also got lots of work to do.. ishhh~ Sooooo the first thing i did today is cleaning my uncle's house roof.. (hmmmm i cant explain la.. see the pics below)

It's a lot YO!!! Sooo freaking tired.! After cleaning, we all end up with this big pile of that tree...

Soooo, My uncle put all that inside the boot of his wira and drove to the dumping area...


In the afternoon, we all go to Taiping Sentral for karaoke... HAHAHAHA.. Damn syiok!

We opened the roof of his Citra and stand up!.. HAHAHAHA Everybody was like looking at is... And we all  was like waving at them.. HAHAHA

Funny hair!!! HAHAHAH
And then we all go and eat Chicken Rice near the Taiping Train Station... Best! But the chicken is kinda salty.. =P
Lastly, we all get back home and rest..