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Oct 6, 2011

Yang Benar,
Rakan yang cuba melupakan AWAK


run aziluz said...

hello, i am run aziluz from hampas (aziluzdanhidupnya). i came here to answer your question about aquapix underwater camera.
i would like to advise you to use quite higher iso for this camera (as you cant control the aperture opening and etc), so i think iso 400 or 200 are more preferable, or maybe 800, perhaps, but it may be too high. but the photos taken (that i put on my blogpost) are taken using iso 100 film (kodak elitechrome extracolor - a slide film, quite expensive, the last time i saw it in malaysia was in july, around rm30 per roll), thats why it gave a highly saturated colour.
the quality of the pic will not depend only on the iso but also on the weather. it is advised to use the camera under sunny weather.

using analog cameras is all about experimenting new skills so go on and have a try.