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Dec 1, 2010

1st DIS 2010

Today is 1st Dis 2010. Adi, Mubarak and I decided to go to Taiping Sentral to play rollerblade... soooo we all take abus from Changkat Jering [about 2 minitts walk from house]..... But we all suddenly don't want to play rollerblade but watch movie instead.... Because some private reasons... hehehehe.. Sooo we all watch NGANGKUNG... A funny comedy movie.. Ok la...  Then we all go to food court and eat.. I saw a music player or something... It cost 50 sen per song.. Soooooo I choose LADY GAGA -POkER FACE and MONSTER... when the songs played... Suddenly averybody was like wondering where was the song came from.. HAHAHAHA Funny peoples... =D