" Don't hide yourself in regret . Just love yourself and your set . I'm on the right track . Baby I was BORN THIS WAY "

Dec 6, 2010


Today, Adi and Mubarak is doing Mubarak's bicycle... After taking all the parts they all started to collecting all the dried leafs and branches to burn Mubarak's bicycle body to remove the old paint... And then, Adi splash some [I mean A LOOOT] of petrol on the leafs and the bicycle... And then, he take a lighter and burn the thing... And then... KABOOOOOOOMM!!!!!! The thing explode because of the excessive petrol... The fire hits Adi and he ran to the mirror to see himself. Then he go to the bathroom and take a shower.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
His abdomen is kinda reddish because of the fire.. Some hair is gone... HAHAHAHA.. NVM Adi... Recover sooooooon.. =)