" Don't hide yourself in regret . Just love yourself and your set . I'm on the right track . Baby I was BORN THIS WAY "

Dec 13, 2010


last Saturday I went back to KL. But I'm not sleeping at my own house cuz I'm following my kasen to do facial at my Tok Cik house..... at SUBANG JAYA... So I sleep there la... Then, Sunday morning my kasen drive back to KL... Everybody was gone except kasen, her pet sister, and me.... [Also my adik =) IQBAL] Then that Sunday evening, we all drove back to Taiping.... Hehehehe SOOOO DAMN TIRED.... We all arrived here about Maghrib.. Becouse I'm to tired I fall asleep with my jeans on.. =P

This morning I woke up about 6.45 for Subuh.. Then, fall asleep again.. hehehe.... Around 8 something, my aunt yell "Ilman!!! JAM DAH SAMPAI!!!" Soo I ran down to the postmen and give the name, i.c bla bla bla... ATLAST!!!!! MY WATCH.. Hehehehehe