" Don't hide yourself in regret . Just love yourself and your set . I'm on the right track . Baby I was BORN THIS WAY "

Dec 9, 2010


Hye... Last night, my cousins and I went to Red Box Karaoke... Soooo fun.. We all spend about 2 hours there singing like crazy.. We went back home about 11 something.. I sang a lot of Gaga's song.. Hehehehe I mean ALL GAGA'S SONG.. =P About 10 I think.. This is my 1st time at Red Box in Taiping.. It was kinda different compare to the one at KL.. But IT was FUN!!!!!
And this morning I was told that Sabir is on his way to Singapore.. So I sms him to buy me a bottle of NEWATER... I just want to try it la...