" Don't hide yourself in regret . Just love yourself and your set . I'm on the right track . Baby I was BORN THIS WAY "

Dec 22, 2010


Today I went to 6 EMAS (2007) reunion.. so damn best. we all went to the Cosmos World at Times Square.. hahahahaha... I went on the rides.. some scary, some nice.. Just like the ______ [forgot the name la] SOOOOOO SCARY FEALING LIKE MY HEART ______
Fadhlin and Fazira after this ride... hahahaha *PENING*

*TIRED* after screaming ^^

After all the ride we all went to eat.. I bought Tuti Fruti Frozen yogurt.. nice. even a little bit mahal.. Then we all lepak2 and then balik.. hahahaha.. Cant forget this day la... LOVE U ALL LAH <3 <3